1. New film release with Vintage Hair Lounge : Gang Girls

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    We’ve been working closely with Vintage Hair Lounge, our sister company, over the past year and utilising our filmic skills to good effect. So it is with great pride that we can announce the release of their first short film production Gang Girls which draws on the strengths of all we’ve learnt at Archive TV about punchy “three minuters”!

    Shana Swash in Gang Girls

    The film aspires to create a unique twist to the classic mods and rockers history, by focussing on the central character, played by Shana Swash (Eliza Fenning in The Crime Wave) and her emerging identity in the early 1960s. There is a continual hint of her internal dilemma with embracing the new mod and sixties scooter scene, which is allowing her to create a powerful influential status whilst flanked with her younger girl gang followers, and yet feeling isolated from her rockabilly fifties roots that nurtured her through difficult teen years. The “rockers” in Gang Girls are not the classic violent stereotypes; they are the now older girl gang that Shana once looked up to. They haven’t come to fight in the traditional sense, they’ve come to fight for Shana’s heart and mind which has become so fragmented. For a three minute plot line and protagonist’s journey, the film is admirably assisted by the penetrating voice of Bournemouth based swing singer and Burlesque performer Miss Annie who recorded a new version of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) for the soundtrack.

    Scooters in Gang Girls

    The film will be showing at film festivals later this year and we wish it all the very best of success. Meanwhile it can be viewed right here.

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